On The Ball




OTB Training uses a progressive curriculum developed by top-level professional coaches to help rapidly improve the technique, performance, and decision making of all players using a revolutionary ball machine and reactive light system.

OTB Training objectively identifies individual strengths and weaknesses. By providing precise and repeatable ball deliveries the focus of training is on the improvement of core playing skills and quick decision making.

OTB Training delivers a full game's worth of quality touches in half the time of most regular training sessions. It creates repeatable game-like situations through 100's of exercises structured by core skills and playing level.

It is often said that "practice makes perfect", but one of OTB's core beliefs is that that only "perfect practice can make perfect". OTB training sessions provide the individualized attention and instruction that players need to grow both in COMPETENCE and CONFIDENCE On The Ball!


OTB Mission Statement

Provide ALL players with the PERSONAL instruction, care, and attention they need to become COMPETENT in the game of soccer and CONFIDENT in their abilities on the soccer field.


At OTB we believe that to become an outstanding player an individual must have the competence and confidence to do the things required of her/him by his/her coach, his/her teammates, and by him/herself. The OTB Training System helps players achieve the highest level of individual confidence and competence in this game by emphasizing the 5C's in every OTB session.

Conditioning +Control + Composure= COMPETENCE & CONFIDENCE

  1. COMPETENCE: The ability to know what to do, how to do it and when/why to do it.
  2. CONFIDENCE: The belief in your abilities to do what you need to do.
  3. CONDITIONING: Players must be physically willing and able to meet the rigorous physical demands of this game. OTB sessions push players to their physical limits as all OTB exercises require movements at speed.
  4. CONTROL: Players must be able to control the ball…FIRST TOUCH IS EVERYTHING!! OTB's consistent small ball delivery system helps accelerates muscle memory and first touch control.
  5. COMPOSURE: Players must be able to execute their given task under mental/physical pressure and load. OTB exercises provide inherent pressure through high frequency ball deliveries and game specific objectives.